UTM Dashboard

Do you want to know which marketing campaigns are driving the most traffic and bringing in the most money to your business?

Whether you are a social media strategist or business owner knowing HOW your visitors find your website should be a very big part of your marketing strategy.

Using the UTM Dashboard you can easily monitor the performance of your campaigns so you can focus your efforts on content that is profitable for your business.

Gain clarity on what source of traffic brings the most traffic and which traffic source has the highest conversion rate allowing you to leverage your content to help grow your business.

Accurately identify by date range the specific activities that are responsible for driving traffic and converting such as a specific Facebook group post, a link in your profile or story, a link in your email, or a specific pin.

At a glance, you’ll see what source of traffic and what type of traffic brings in the most traffic with the ability to drill down by campaign, term, and content to know what marketing efforts are actually converting into sales.