Social Media Traffic Dashboard

Do you want to know where traffic is coming from so you can focus your efforts and get more leads?

Easily share social performance with your team or clients. Whether you are a social media strategist or business owner knowing HOW your visitors find your website should be a very big part of your marketing strategy.

Discover which social network performs best with the Social Media Traffic Dashboard so you can focus your energy on the right platform.

Gain insights without information overload.  Know EXACTLY where your leads are coming from with an easy-to-access one-page dashboard report.

The Social Media Traffic Dashboard is automated for more efficient analysis. Save time rummaging through Google Analytics and increase productivity.

Display data from custom dates to easily compare and monitor launch results.

At a glance, you’ll see what source of traffic brings in the most traffic with the ability to drill down by campaign, term, and content and double down on what marketing activities are actually working.

IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest you add Tag Your Traffic, to your order if you get this, unless you already know how to use UTM's (in which case: just make sure all social UTM's are source=social).