Tag Your Traffic®: UTM Training + Tool

If you’re leveraging content to grow your businesses, there’s one thing that is guaranteed to flush all of your hard work down the toilet… 


It’s guessing what platform is responsible for the traffic coming to your site. (Facebook? IG? Youtube?) 

It’s guessing which Facebook post, tweet, email, or Youtube video is bringing the most number of leads and sales to your business. 

It’s guessing which of your content pieces is the most effective in attracting visitors to your site.

Guesswork essentially means wasting time trying to attract prospects on a platform they’re not using. Or leveraging a piece of content that no one is interested in. 

UTM parameters eliminate all of that guessing. 

As nerdy as they sound, they're actually just snippets of text added to the end of  URLs that help Google Analytics determine the exact source of traffic to your site. 

If you're new to this whole 'UTM' thing, there is a way to get over the learning curve and start tagging your traffic sources - fast and easy. Plus, if you do it with the builder tool we’ve created, we make it pretty hard for you or your team to mess up. 

With our UTM training and UTM Builder Tool, you'll be able to: 

  • Understand the fundamentals of UTM tracking - your crystal ball to measure your marketing efforts so you can do more of what is working and less of what is not. 
  • Effortlessly create links that will help you track the EXACT sources of traffic to your site, without worrying about remembering what to do or fear of making a mistake. 
  • Align your team so everyone is using your UTM links correctly without you having to micromanage the process.
  • Focus on the online platforms that are profitable for your business - while ignoring those that are just draining your time and resources without any ROI insight. 
  • Accurately identify the specific activities that are responsible for traffic - so rather than just knowing ‘Facebook’ is driving traffic, you’ll be able to see if it was a specific post, group, story, or even a link in your profile that is responsible for the traffic. You can then better leverage the assets that ACTUALLY gets you results. 
  • Easily organize and retrieve the UTM links you’ve created- sparing you from the trouble of forgetting what you meant when you see it appear in Google Analytics. 

Sneak Peek


  • What if I’m not tech-savvy or not a numbers person? That’s exactly why I’ve designed this training for you. The tool is plug-and-play and makes implementing a UTM strategy a breeze!
  • Are there any requirements? None! Although we recommend Google Analytics so you can then see the results of your ‘tagging’
  • Will you show me where I can find UTMs in Google Analytics?YES! We find this is missing from most free resources on the topic out there. 



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