Organic Search Dashboard

Finally make confident, data-driven decisions to up your SEO game. Rank your site high on search results. And get more organic traffic that you can convert into leads and sales.

With the Organic Search Dashboard… you’ll be able to do exactly THAT. Without the need to subscribe to expensive SEO tools. And without the need to have any sort of expertise in analytics. (insert sigh of relief)

It helps you understand key metrics crucial for growing your organic traffic and makes it easy for you to do things like:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and see exactly what to do to improve your site's visibility in searches.
  • Instantly identify keywords that are already bringing traffic to your site. And use them to up your site's ranking even more - giving you a lion's share of the traffic generated by organic searches using your 'winning' keywords.
  • Know which pages are showing up in search engines but are being ignored by Google users. So you can optimize to ACTUALLY capture that traffic.
  • See which pages on your site are too slow to load... before your site drops to page 35 of the search results. Pages that take forever to load are ranked lower by Google, hurting your chances of attracting more visitors to your site. 

What’s included:

  • An easy-to-use dashboard you can set up in less than 10 minutes.
  • A 5-minute over-the-shoulder tutorial that will show you how to connect your data sources to your dashboard (fear not -- even the most tech-challenged have found this surprisingly easy).
  • A video showing you how to use the information and insights from your dashboard to get even more results (read: traffic and money) from SEO.

Sneak Peek


  • How long will this take to set up? Connecting your dashboard takes less than 10 minutes (assuming you already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console). This dashboard also comes with a quick tutorial demonstrating every step you need to get set up in just a few minutes.
  • What if I’m not tech-savvy or not a numbers person? That’s exactly why I’ve designed this dashboard for you. You just connect your data (following a super easy tutorial) and play! Plus I tell you exactly what to look at to understand your data and make decisions accordingly.
  • What if I’m just starting my business? Yes! Now is the perfect time to get this set up. That way as you grow you’ll be able to keep an eye on key data that will help you make informed decisions about where to spend your time!
  • How often do I need to update it? How does never sound? The data feeds it automatically and in real-time from Google Analytics.
  • Will I have to pay to use any software on top of the price of this dashboard? No, we use all free tools (Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console)
  • Are there any requirements? You must have/set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your website or funnel. They are both free tools.
  • Will your dashboard work if I am on x website platform or using x tool? As long as you can install Google Search Console and Google Analytics, yes! I’ve yet to run into a platform that Google can’t integrate with.
  • Can I use this with clients or white-label it as my own? This page is for the individual license only. To use with clients or white-label it as your own, you need our agency license which is only available in our Measure and Maximize program. 


"It has been so helpful to use this tool to identify posts on my site that I can update instead of constantly looking for new keywords to tackle or having to learn Google Search Console! I love this!!" - Becky Mansfield

"I had thought when I installed the dashboard it seemed like a lot of great information and tools for this price. I love how easy it was to set up. I also like having all the metrics in one easy place to view them." - Elaine. V