Sales Planning Calculator

Planning your next launch and want to know what it will take to reach your revenue goals?  Making guess a thing of the past! 

This Sales Planning Calculator crunches the numbers for you - so you can easily see how many people need to see your offer, click on the buy now button, and actually purchase to reach your goals!

Simply plug in your current conversion rates (or the benchmark rates we provide) and you’ll instantly know how close you are in reaching your target numbers. This will help you set and adjust your (or your clients) expectations and efforts accordingly. 

If you’re a service provider or anyone who needs to spot leaks in a funnel, you’ll also love the bonus page of the Service Provider Calculator.

You’ll see the conversion rates at every stage of your conversion funnel - from check-out page views to actual product purchases, to order bumps. At a glance, you’ll know exactly what part of your funnel is leaking, enabling you to optimize them promptly so you can convert more customers. 

What’s included

  • A plug-and-play Sales Planning Calculator that instantly calculates the number of sales, leads, and traffic you need to reach your revenue goal. 
  • A bonus calculator for service providers that calculate the conversion rates for every stage of your funnel.  
  • A quick video tutorial on how the calculator works. 
  • A short pdf guide on how to compute your own conversion rates.

Sneak Peek


  • How long will this take to set up?There is no set-up time! Just make a copy and start entering your numbers. 
  • Can I use this with clients?Yes! You can’t sell it as your own but you can use this to consult your clients on their launches. 
  • Couldn’t I just use a regular calculator? You could. But most people forget formulas or accidentally make a mistake in their calculations. Plus it would be much more time-consuming to run all of the scenarios that this tool can do instantly.