Business HQ

Are you ready to finally organize your business ​so you get more time and space for the things you actually love doing.​

Or better yet, things that actually move the needle in your business? 

Do you have things for your business saved:

  • on your computer
  • in Google Drive
  • on random sticky notes across your desk
  • in a project management tool
  • in a notebook

...or maybe all of the above?

If you don’t have a single command center that holds all the things for your business in ONE location, buying another new tool or making another hire isn’t the answer.

You don't need new tech, a new VA, or an expensive consultant. You need a system in place that ACTUALLY works!

If you’re feeling like you are just overwhelmed and all over the place, I can relate.  I tell people I built and sold a successful productivity business, they imagine getting and staying organized has always come really naturally to me.

Let me tell you a secret, it didn’t always. But I found the solution… BUILDING SYSTEMS.

Don’t believe this is possible for you? I’m here to help because I've been exactly where you are now and have created a PROVEN SYSTEM to help you know where to focus your time and energy in your business.

What’s included: 

  • A done-for-you Trello board that will help yo get more organized and save time!
  • A pre-setup folder for Google Drive or Drop Box, full of properly labeled sub-folders ready for you to add your own files!
  • A template for setting up the HQ in another tool, such as Asana.
  • A series of videos walking you through exactly how I recommend using this to get your business super organized, whether it's just you or you have a team in place.
  • Tips on upkeep and maintenance so you don't fall back into your old ways!

Sneak Peek


  • What if I don’t use Trello?The system is actually delivered in 3 different ways so you can use it for virtually any platform. 
  • What if I do/don’t have a team?This works well for solopreneurs and large teams alike. If it’s a one-woman-shop, this will set you up nicely for when you do scale to add other team members.