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I’m Jennifer Grayeb, 30-something online business strategist living in Connecticut with my husband, dog, and two little girls.

I know the struggles you face on a regular basis, because I’ve done it too. I was a personal trainer, a full-time blogger, and a full-time student… all while co-founding one of the original influencer networks (FitFluential.) I’ve worked with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, have been published in Forbes, mentioned in a couple books, rang the NASDAQ closing bell and even attended an event at the White House. I know what it’s like to hustle.

In 2013 I transitioned to a career in corporate HR in an attempt to hustle less. Little did I know… I’d end up hustling even more! While working full time in a senior HR strategy role at a Fortune 10 company, I started a productivity blog and with just a few hours per week, grew it to reach over 2 million people per year. I ultimately sold that blog within just 2 years of starting it.

It seems I couldn’t leave my entrepreneurial side behind!

Now that I’m out of the corporate world again, I’m using my powers to help entrepreneurs and business owners like YOU meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. And I’m doing my part to help you hustle less, make more, and enjoy the life you’re creating for yourself.

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